Types of fitness: bodyflex
What is a "bodyflex"? This is a universal technique for physical andrespiratory exercises, aimed at enriching the body with oxygen. And it was developed by American Greer Childers. She believes that people mostly breathe incorrectly (no matter how ridiculous it may sound) that breathing is chesty, superficial, and this leads to a lack of oxygen in the body, a slow metabolism, increased fatigue and strained muscles of the abdomen and back.

In general, at birth we breathe belly, but withby age, the nervous tension inside us is growing, and our internal organs, including the muscles of the diaphragm, begin to strain more and more. Therefore, the breath stops in the middle of the chest, and we use the lungs only 20%, because we breathe only their upper part. Although people who know for centuries used deep diaphragmatic breathing to improve their health and well-being, because breathing correctly, we cleanse our cells naturally, increase lung volume, improve the cardiovascular system, and strengthen immunity.

The basis of the bodyfitness program lies the principle of burning fatty deposits andthe formation of muscle mass with the help of anaerobic respiration in combination with special static and stretching postures that allow oxygen to penetrate into the cells of our body. This extra oxygen helps to oxidize or burn excess fat. When lipids (fat cells) are burned, oxygen continues to interact with other components of the body, making the muscles stronger and stronger, as well as nerve fibers, internal organs and skin. Thus, muscle tone rises, you become stronger, more enduring and more energetic.

You can engage in bodyflex to people of any age and sex, with any state of health. It is recommended for young mothers who restore the figure after childbirth, as well as breastfeeding the baby. Although there are limitations: bodyflex is contraindicated in any period of pregnancy, postoperative period, with exacerbation of chronic diseases, with problems with thyroid glaucoma, increased intracranial pressure. Unlike shaping, aerobics and other similar sports, fatigue after classes is felt less. When doing bodyflex training, regularity and systematicity are very important. By itself, bodyflex does not involve a strong physical load, the central place in this system is breathing, which is why it takes time to achieve results.

Experts believe that the result of employment by bodyflex comes in three-five times faster, than at employment by running. If you run for an hour, burn 700kilocalories. If you practice an hour of regular aerobics, then burn 250 kilocalories. If you do an hour of exercise in the bodyfitness method, you get rid of 3,500 kilocalories. When bodyflex cells of the body, enriched with oxygen as a result of respiratory exercises, work more efficiently, and a variety of microbes, viruses and cancer cells, as the followers of bodyflex tell, - perish. In addition, the main thing that attracts women's attention to the bodyflex complex is a relatively rapid body weight loss and the acquisition of eye-pleasing forms.

Doing exercises on the method of bodyflex, daily for 15 minutes, you can reduce the volumes in just three monthshis figure in several sizes. Only in the first week of correct exercise with bodyflex, the authors promise the effect of reducing the volume of the body from 10 to 30 centimeters. And regular and systematic studies can change the volume of such problem areas of the body as the hips, legs and stomach.

Types of fitness: bodyflex
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