How to choose a power simulator for home?Unfortunately, because of the frenzied rhythm of life, not everyonethere is an opportunity to go in for sports in the fitness club, because every second counts. The way out of this situation is the purchase of a home simulator. The country of the Soviets will tell you how to choose power trainer - the choice of this type of simulator requires special attention.

At all, all simulators are divided into two large groups - cardiovascular equipment and power simulators. Strength trainers are designed to train individual muscle groups, they allow you to improve the figure. But for strength training to be effective, you need to choose the right home power trainer.

Of course, in the first place it is worth remembering the general advice on choosing a home simulator, they will be useful to you in any case. But the power simulators are also presented increased security requirements, because when using poor-quality power equipment, the risk of injury increases.

So, what should be a safe power simulator? First of all pay attention to frame material, it is best if it is sheet steel. The strength of the frame depends on the cross-section of the posts, it should be at least 5x7 cm.

Also, the strength and stability of the simulator depends on quality of connections. If the connections are substandard, powerThe simulator will not last long and after a while it will start to swing and vibrate. The construction of any simulator uses welded and screwed connections. Welded joints must be of high quality, and in the place of screw connections there must be additional reinforcement plates.

Even in the construction of power simulators are cables and cables. Safe and quality power trainermust be equipped with steel cables that withstand at least 700 kg per break. For better slip and protection from damage, the steel cables are covered with a special nylon sheath.

The most "vulnerable" parts of any design are moving (against the force of friction do not trample). In power simulators, these are the points of rotation. Therefore it is very important to choose a power simulator with quality bearings, which slow down the wear process. The best option is a brass bearing, filled with oil.

The guarantee of convenience and efficiency of training on the simulator is good seats and handles. It is preferable to use a strength training simulator withpolyurethane handles and cast seats. The material used for the manufacture of seats and handles should not have an unpleasant odor, crack or shrink during the operation of the simulator. Handles and seats should be fixed in the position chosen by you.

Safety of using the simulator will provide protective enclosures: for some models cables and block weights are closed so that they do not accidentally get clothes or fingers. Hairpin-clamps cargo must be securely fixed. Try to choose a strength training device with special-shaped pins, allowing them to easily enter the slots of the block of cargo and rigidly fix there.

Another important characteristic of a high-quality power simulator is convenient change of cargoes. It should be implemented quickly and do not require additional effort on your part. It is best if you can reduce or increase the weight of the load without leaving the workplace.

The key to the effectiveness of strength training is also convenient adjustments. The fewer different transformations of the simulator you have to perform when moving to a new exercise, the better.

When choosing a strength simulator, pay attention also to the additional accessories, allowing you to diversify your home powertraining. These include additional loads, a press station for legs, cuffs for working the muscles of the hips (both internal and external surfaces), loops for training the muscles of the press and hands. Some of these devices are included in the basic set of high quality home power systems. When buying in advance, ask the seller what additional accessories are included in the package, and which ones will have to be purchased separately.

As you can see, The main criterion for choosing a home simulator for strength training is its reliability and safety. A quality power simulator will not only provide high efficiency of independent training, but also minimize the risk of injury.

How to choose a power simulator for home? How to choose a power simulator for home?
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