Mushroom soup with cheese
Mushroom soup with cheese - hearty appetizing dish with a wonderful aromaforest mushrooms, a delicate creamy texture and excellent taste. To enjoy a wonderful mushroom soup with cheese, it is not necessary to go to a restaurant, because this dish is prepared very easily and at home. Recipe for mushroom soup with cheese you will tell the Country of Soviets.

Mushroom soup with cheese is delicious first course, which is suitable for a homemade dinner, and for a festive meal. Depending on the season, use for mushroom soup can be fresh forest mushrooms or mushrooms.

Mushroom soup with cheese

To make a mushroom soup with cheese, you will need:

  • champignons (or forest mushrooms) - 400 g

  • cream cheese - 3 pcs.

  • cream, 22% fat - 1 glass

  • potatoes - 4 pcs.

  • onion - 2 pcs.

  • salt, pepper - to taste

  • vegetable oil


Prepare the potatoes. To do this, clean it, cut into cubes, pour hot water (2 cups), boil until cooked.

Peel onion and finely chop. Mushrooms are washed, cleaned if necessary, and finely chopped.

Onion and mushrooms fry in a frying pan in vegetable oil until cooked.

Mash the prepared potatoes, add onions and mushrooms, cream. In the soup, add water - as much as necessary to get the desired density.

Bring the soup to a boil. Add the melted cheese curds on a fine grater (it is desirable to freeze the curds beforehand). Boil the soup until the curds are melted.

At the end of the preparation, add salt and pepper to taste. Ready mushroom soup with cheese can be served to the table!

Bon Appetit!

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