Pizza with champignons and green peasDough: 250 g of flour, 25 g of yeast, 50 g of butter, 2 teaspoons of sugar, 2 eggs, 0.5 cups of milk.

Filling: 300 g of green peas, 4 tomatoes, 200 grams of champignons, 200 grams of green grapes, 150 grams of ham, 4 tbsp. spoons of mayonnaise, parsley.

Prepare the yeast dough from the indicatedproducts, roll them out and put them on a baking tray. Champignons cut in half, ham - cubes, cut grapes in half and remove bones. Cut the tomatoes into large slices. Mix the peas, mushrooms and grapes, put on the dough. Lay the next layer of ham, then tomatoes. Lubricate mayonnaise, sprinkle with herbs. Place in a hot oven and bake for 20 minutes until cooked.

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