Pizza with fresh mushrooms and sauceDough: 300-400 g of flour, 200 g of butter, 200 g of sour cream, salt to taste.

Filling: fresh mushrooms 500-600 g, 40-60 g of vegetable oil, 2-3 eggs, 125 ml of milk, 20 g of lemon juice, salt to taste, pepper to taste, 100 g of onion, parsley.

Knead dough from butter, sour cream, flour, leavefor 20 minutes for vylezhki, roll out an even layer of thickness 0.6-0.7 cm in size baking tray. Roll out the flagellum from the same dough, lay on the side of the pizza, grease it. Stuff evenly on the surface of the dough from separately roasted and mixed mushrooms and onions. Beat eggs, mix with milk, lemon juice, season with salt, pepper, add finely chopped parsley greens, the resulting mass fill the filling. Bake until cooked. Serve pizza in hot form with mushroom broth, tea, coffee.

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