Fitness at home. How to force yourself to do?

Sometimes, it seems that we are so determinedwork on themselves that no one and nothing can knock us out of the right path. But, unfortunately, enthusiasm usually suffices for a short while. Just want to lie in front of the TV, chat on the phone with your best friend, take a nap, after all, instead of doing boring exercises. And now the goal before the eyes has become not so clear, there is no desire to engage, and to overcome your laziness every day becomes more difficult. What to do?

The first and most important rule is correct attitude and positive thinking. Do not think that instead of classes you wouldcould do something about the house - change the water in the aquarium, wipe the dust off the top shelf of the sideboard, clean the soda with silver, etc. Do not become a hostage to domestic affairs, because they always will. Devote time to yourself. Think about the good: that you will achieve excellent results on your own, about how surprised your relatives and friends will be when they see your beautiful form.

Do your favorite music. What better to cheer up than belovedcomposition? After all, in the fitness hall is unlikely to be asked about music preferences, but at home you can freely enjoy your favorite tunes. Record the best tracks in a row so that you do not have to break away from classes afterwards.

Strive for diversity. Try different fitness programs. If you are working on DVDs, buy them a few, so it was interesting to change the exercises and the load. You can alternate different programs in a week. This will help not only to preserve your motivation and interest, but also will allow you to load different muscle groups.

Do not put unattainable goals. Lose weight by 10 kg for 2 days still will not succeed. Start with small tasks and strive to achieve them. For example, today I'm doing exactly this much, not a minute less; or I today shake the press 60 times without stopping; or this week I'm definitely going to the pool ... and so on.

Reward yourself for your diligence and diligence. Not a kilogram cake, of course, but the fact thatyou have long wanted. Buy, for example, a new sports uniform, new gloves to work with simulators, sneakers or any pleasant trifle. You will feel a surge of energy and you want to try it all on and apply it.

Work out for yourself and your health. After all, fitness helps reduce the risk of heart disease.diseases, lose weight, regulate the level of cholesterol and sugar in the blood, stabilize blood pressure, get rid of bad mood and constant stress. Medical research shows that physical exercises will not only prolong life, but also improve its quality.

If you need moral support, findfriend or several friends who will join you, and vice versa, do not communicate with those people who will influence you negatively. Create an atmosphere around you that will set you up for physical activity. In the room, instead of a chair, you can put the simulator and scales, fill the refrigerator with only useful and necessary products, and throw all the harmful things into the trash can. On the walls, instead of posters with rock stars and calendars with images of nature, you can post photos of your favorite athletes or people you want to be like.

Fitness at home. How to force yourself to do?
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