What is hula-hoop?
Which of the girls did not twist the hoop around the waist? It turned out not right away and not at all, but it was so interesting! The fact that the usual hoop has a name "Hula Hup", then no one guessed. And it happened from the words hula - Polynesian folk dance, and hoop - a hoop from English. It was created by the American Arthur Melin in the distant 1957. Many years have passed since that time. The simple hoop has changed, and on modern counters it is possible to see its various models.

And what do lessons with the hoop give? What is their positive effect? For starters, exercises develop coordination of movements, flexibility, plasticity, strength.
They train the respiratory and cardiovascularsystems, this can prepare you for more difficult activities, for example, aerobics, shaping or any other kind of fitness. After all, having an untrained body, it will be difficult for you to endure the power load, and in pursuit of a quick result not far from the traumatism.

Torsion of the hoop helps burn excess calories. Flexibility, elasticity and ease of rotationhula-hoop will allow you to get rid of unnecessary fatty tissue in any part of the body without performing a variety of complex and boring exercises. Hula-Hup helps also to strengthen the vestibular apparatus. If you already get dizzy when you see the carousel, then try to work with the hoop. Of course, the astronauts will hardly be able to attain their stamina, but there will be noticeable improvements.

The hoop has a positive effect on the internal organs, it does not press on them, does not cause their displacement andis a gentle massage. It also improves the condition of the skin in the waist and hips. Classes help the problem areas to be smoothed out, and cellulite - to decrease.

Hula-hoop is ridiculously easy to use. Learn to twist it will not be a big deal,and the risk of injury is very small. Moreover, such a "sports simulator" is always at hand, you do not need to go to an expensive fitness club, but it is enough just to choose a room in your apartment more spacious. Of course, in order to achieve significant results, you will have to spend a lot of time on hula classes, and it will not lead to a global reduction in body fat.

In the course of the experiments, it was found that if you rotate hula-hoop 5-10 minutes a day, then in 2-3 weeks your waist and hips will decrease by only 1 cm, well, and half a kilogram you can lose in other parts of the body.

What are the most common types of hoops? Iron or plastic, empty inside - those,which we inherited from grandmothers and moms - number one in popularity. Next - a folding hula-hoop. It consists of two, four or six segments, its big plus is that in the disassembled form it takes up little space. A weighted hoop weighs from 0.5 to 2 kg. This version of hula-hoop more actively massages the waist and hips, providing a higher load, so that in the shortest time allows you to achieve maximum results. Massaging hoop: on its surface are attached small suckers, which will then stick to it, then peel off from the skin as you rotate the hoop.

There are variants of a hoop with built in all the inner circumference massage balls, which also rotate inside the hula-hoop. In one hoop there are 30 pieces. Hula-hoop with a calorie counter has a small counter that works on two finger batteries. He gives the data on the number of turns and calories burned. But the error of such a device is very high, because it takes into account only the time and the number of turns, excluding age and weight.

What is hula-hoop?
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