How correctly to cook apple jam? How to cook jam? How to cook apple jam? The secrets of preparing a delicious jam from apples will be told today by the Country of Soviets.

To properly weld the jam, you need to carefully prepare the fruit. As a rule, apple jam starts to cook in August - at this time apples just ripen.

In order to cook apple jam, applesit is good to take the following varieties: Renet Simirenko, Borovinka, Antonovka, Anis, Pepin saffron and the like. If some sort of apples were not used for jam before, it is recommended to weld 1-2 jam jars first. If the taste and quality of the jam is satisfactory, then you can continue to cook apple jam from these apples.

For apple jam, fruits are taken and washed. For jam are suitable fresh, not overripe apples, without damage. Lightly crushed or damaged fruit is best left for apple jam or jam.

Large apples are cut into slices about 2 cm wide, small ones cut into halves or quarters.

That the cut apples did not darken, theirit is recommended to blanch in boiling water for about 3 minutes. If a lot of apples and blanch them all at once does not work, you can put slices of apples in salted water (10-20 g salt per 1 liter of water), but no more than 1 hour.

You can cook apple jam in different ways. Just like in the case of other fruits and berries, jam from apples can be cooked by single or multiple cooking. Multiple cooking is preferable, because it allows you to better keep the shape of apple slices, the transparency of the syrup.

Depending on the type of apples used for jam, 1-1.3 kg of sugar should be added for each kilogram of apples. Sugar is preferably white refined.

To properly cook jam, it's important to remember the signs of the jam's willingness:

  • a drop of syrup, poured on a saucer, does not fade when cooled down, it retains its shape;

  • pieces of fruit are evenly distributed in syrup, and do not float up;

  • syrup transparent, homogeneous.

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Cook apple jam for any of the many recipes. The "usual" jam from apples is brewed so.

Pour the necessary amount of sugar into a container with apples, do not mix. Leave for several hours for the apples to "let the juice".

After the due time, put the container withapples on fire. On a slow fire bring to a boil, cook for 5-7 minutes, then remove from heat. Leave the jam to cool for 6-8 hours. Then again put the apples on the fire, bring to a boil and boil another 5-7 minutes. Again leave for 6-8 hours.

After the third cooking (until ready), pour hot jam into prepared jars, roll up with lids, gradually cool and put away for storage in a cool dark place.

This is a classic way of cooking applejam. Also among domestic housewives, popular apple jam is "five-minute". Apples prepare in the usual way (can be further peeled). Fill the apples with sugar at a rate of 150-200 g of sugar per 1 kg of peeled and peeled apples.

Leave the apples for an hour, stirring occasionally. Then on low heat bring to a boil and with vigorous stirring, cook for about 5 minutes. Hot jam immediately put in prepared banks, roll up, cool and put away for storage.

Apples are rich in pectin - natural gellingcomponent, therefore, in addition to the described methods of making apple jam from apples, it is good to prepare marmalade, jam, jelly. For example, the traditional recipe for apple jam looks like this.

For every kilogram of ripe (possibly damaged)apples take 400-600 grams of sugar, depending on the variety of apples. Apples wash, remove all damage, core. Spread the prepared apples in a saucepan with a little water, making sure that the apples do not burn.

When the apples were steamed to the state of gruel,Wipe the apples through a sieve and add half the sugar. Boil the mass to a decrease in volume of about 2 times. Then add the rest of the sugar and cook apple jam until ready.

Readiness of apple jam is defined as follows. Drop the jam on a cold dry plate. A cooled drop of finished jam should not spread and lose shape.

Ready-made hot apple jam should be packed in pre-sterilized glass jars and rolled with boiled lids. Gradually cool and put away for storage.

How correctly to cook apple jam?
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