Crab salad
Crab salad is one of the most popular inthe last time of salads. Crab salad has won widespread recognition because of its interesting sweet taste. And thanks to its simplicity, crab salad can be cooked even for a beginner chef.

Everyone has his own recipe for cooking crabsalad. Its main ingredients are crab meat (because of the high cost of living it is usually replaced with crab sticks), corn and egg. As an additional component in the salad is added and rice, and fresh or pickles, and potatoes, and cheese, in general, everything that exists in the refrigerator!

Crab salad

For cooking crab salad you will need:

  • crabmeat (crab sticks) - 1 pack. (240 g)

  • canned corn - 1 can (300-400 ml)

  • eggs - 4-5 pieces.

  • onion - 1 pc.

  • mayonnaise - to taste

  • salt - to taste</ li>


  1. Open the jar with canned corn and drain the brine. Pour the corn into a container.

  2. Crab meat or chopsticks finely chopped.

  3. Eggs boil hard, cool, clean and finely chop.

  4. Cut the onions into small cubes.

  5. Mix the ingredients and season with mayonnaise. Salt the salad to taste.

  6. Put in a cold place for 1-2 hours to soak.

  7. When serving, decorate the salad with herbs.

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