Salad with mushrooms and chicken
We offer you a recipe for cooking salad with mushrooms and chicken.

Salad with mushrooms and chicken

For salad preparation you will need:

  • 200 g fresh mushrooms
  • 200 g of chicken meat
  • 2 eggs
  • 1-2 green apples
  • 1 pod of sweet pepper
  • green parsley, mayonnaise
  • vegetable oil
  • salt


  1. Mushrooms cleaned, washed, cut, fry in vegetable oil. Chicken meat boil until cooked in salted water, cool, finely chop.

  2. Eggs boil hard, cool, clean, cut into cubes.

  3. Peel apples from peel and cores, cut into small cubes.

  4. Sweet pepper should be washed, peeled off from seeds and partitions, cut into cubes.

  5. Ingredients to mix, season with mayonnaise, mix.

  6. Sprinkle the salad with chopped herbs.

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