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The combination of yogurt and cucumbers to someoneseem strange. Meanwhile, it has long been known and used in the kitchens of many peoples; it is enough to recall, for example, national soups - a Bulgarian tarator or an Uzbek chalope. However, the combination of cucumber and kefir, if it is a question of losing weight, is explained not by taste, namely the dietary properties of these products. Kefir is able to accelerate the digestion of food, while its effect is very mild, not irritating the walls of the stomach. Cucumbers, which include potassium, sodium and a large amount of water, have a diuretic effect, so their use contributes to the removal of toxins from the body.

There are several variants of a diet based on cucumbers and yogurt - from unloading days to a fairly rigid food system, which must be adhered to for seven days.

Cucumber-kefir unloading days

Unloading day is a great wayprepare for the holiday, or, on the contrary, put in order the body after a plentiful feast. For unloading, any day of the week is suitable, when heavy physical or mental loads are not planned. It can not be "unloaded" for more than two days in a row, such excessive diligence can cause health problems.

The menu of a fasting day is quite simple - 1.5a liter of kefir must be divided into eight receptions, just like 1.5 kilograms of cucumbers. It is better to buy kefir reduced fat, and cucumber - ground, containing the maximum amount of nutrients.

Diet based on cocktails of cucumbers and kefir

The direct opposite of unloading days -a cocktail-based diet, very tough, but unusually simple. As the name suggests, the basis of this food system is cocktails, which are prepared from grated cucumber and skimmed yogurt (1 piece per 1.5 liters). The use of any other foods during the diet is strictly prohibited.

This system of weight loss is very effective,daily you can get rid of two extra pounds. However, such rapid progress is a serious stress for the body, so you can stick to such a diet for no longer than five days and only if there are no contraindications.

The seven-day diet

To some extent an intermediate optionis a weekly diet that allows for some "liberties". So, every day you can eat about a hundred grams of boiled beef or fish, as well as mineral water. The basis of the same system is still kefir (1,5-2 liters daily) and cucumbers. True, they can be used in the form of salads without salt, but with greens, olive oil in small quantities and fresh lemon juice.

The rules of cucumber-kefir diet

Whichever diet option you choose, you must follow the following rules:

- kefir should be skim, but not to the maximum (optimally - about 1-2.5%);

- Cucumbers should be selected fresh, high quality, better than medium size, as seeds contained in large quantities in large fruits can cause increased gas production;

- to minimize the risk of problems withhealth, you need to get out of the diet correctly. In the first days it is desirable to eat fruits, vegetables or salads from them with the addition of sour cream or vegetable oil. Meat, fish, bread should be introduced into the diet a little later, increasing portions gradually;

- Cucumber-kefir diet is not shown to everyone. So, follow it is not recommended for people who have any kidney disease, gastritis or stomach ulcer, colitis and other diseases of the digestive and urinary system.

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