Summer diet for weight loss
Summer is a great time to sit ondiet: in the heat, we usually do not feel like heavy fatty foods, and the transition to fruits, vegetables and berries will not be difficult (especially since it is not a problem to acquire them). Today in the Land of Soviets - summer diet for weight loss.

There are several options for a summer diet, but they are all based on one principle: the basis of the ration consists of vitamins rich in vegetables, fruits, berries in combination with fermented milk products. But the use of meat products, pastaproducts, fatty, fried, hot, etc., should be limited. The degree of rigidity of a diet can vary depending on the desired outcome and the state of your health.

Note that the summer diet, for all its softness, does notharmless: the use of mainly plant foods (especially berries) can get to problems with digestion, so in your diet should be sour-milk products. Also Summer diet is not recommended for those who have kidney problems. If you are allergic to certain vegetables or fruits, you should exclude them from your menu.

There are several options summer diet menu. We offer you some of them.

Summer Diet: Option 1

This diet is designed for a week, each of the seven days is "dedicated" to a certain type of products:

  • the first day - any vegetables (except potatoes);

  • the second day - any fruit (except bananas), a glass of kefir or yogurt without additives in case of a strong sense of hunger;

  • the third day - any berries;

  • the fourth day - any sour-milk product, a little low-fat cottage cheese in case of a strong sense of hunger;

  • the fifth day - vegetables (not the ones you ate on the first day);

  • the sixth day - any berries, a glass of yogurt for the night;

  • the seventh day - orange, apple or grapefruit juice.

You need to eat 4-5 times a day portions that can satisfy the feeling of hunger. During the day you need to drink plenty of fluids, the best choice is still water. Try to avoid using salt or reduce it to a minimum.

Summer diet: option 2

This diet option is designed for two weeks. This summer diet is based on vegetable and fruit salads. For breakfast, you need to eat a fruit salad from anyfruits (except bananas), seasoned with natural yogurt without fruit additives. For lunch and dinner - vegetable salad (potatoes are forbidden), seasoned with lemon juice or olive oil. During the second week, you can eat at lunchtime also 100 g of low-fat meat.

Also every day you need to drink liter of low-fat kefir. Half an hour before breakfast advise to drink a glass of water with lemon juice. During the day, drink green tea without sugar or still water. You can not consume salt.

Summer diet: option 3

This is a suitable diet for those who can not completely abandon meat, fish, potatoes, etc. The result may not be as palpable as in the two previous versions, but endured such a summer diet is much easier.

Here approximate diet menu, for each meal there are several options.

tea without sugar, salad of fresh vegetables with sour cream, banana; or coffee without sugar (milk can be) and two grain loaves with butter; or a glass of milk and two sandwiches made from black bread and butter.

two apples, a pear or an orange.

150 g of chicken, boiled fish or lean meat and 300 g of fresh vegetables; or mashed potatoes with fresh vegetables; or lean soup from sorrel with egg and sour cream.

salad from any vegetables, except potatoes.

100 g of low-fat cottage cheese; or 50 g of low-fat cheese; or 2 boiled potatoes; or boiled egg.

Every day, drink about 2 liters of mineral water without gas or green tea. If after 6 pm you really want to eat, you can eat an apple, a pear or an orange (one fruit every 2 hours).

Before you sit down on a summer diet, be sure to consult a doctor
. Remember that the way out of the diet should be gradual: you do not need to attack the previously forbidden foods after the end of the diet, introduce them gradually into the diet.

Summer diet for weight loss
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