Capoeira: hello from Brazil
Fitness clubs do not cease to please their visitors with new activities. The technique of martial art with a beautiful name "Capoeira" on the expanses of our homeland appeared relatively recently, although its roots go back to the distant 1500 - the time of the colonization of Brazil by the Portuguese.

Initially, the conquerors tried to uselocal residents - Indians - as slaves. Later they decided to import into Brazil slaves from other Portuguese colonies - Angola, Mozambique, Guinea, Congo. Slaves brought their religion, culture and traditions, some of which later became a component of capoeira.

Capoeira in an amazing way combines elements of music, dance, magic rituals, acrobatics and games. Uses very balanced loads,which can simultaneously develop strength, plasticity, coordination and endurance. The lessons of capoeira are a great way to reach a high level of not only physical but also personal development, because the direction has its own philosophy and view of the world around.

In the 16th century capoeira was created in the name of freedom fromslavery. Now this martial art is fighting for another freedom - freedom from fear, prejudice, labels and imposed ideals, teaches us to stand out from the crowd, to be different from others, to achieve more in life and never give up.

Technically, all martial arts are similar to each other, even though they are different types and styles, but there is a lot in common between them. Capoeira is absolutely different from traditional and oriental martial arts. Movement in it is like a dance. In capoeira there are no rigid racks, impenetrable blocks and clearly planned attacks on all attacks. Capoeira assumes constant movement, movement, dance, grooves, dodges and sharp attacks.

The fighter of this direction is mobile and elusive,he is always ready to strike a sharp, unexpected and lightning blow to the opponent. A feature of the capoeira school fighter is also that he moves close to the ground and is usually well protected by the hands, and strikes all blows from a low unexpected position. 90% of the blows in this martial art are applied by the feet, hands are used for support and protection.

Capoeira is a kind of game. The purpose of the battle is not the number of inflictedopponent of blows and knockout, and demonstration of beautiful, elegant technique, the use of savvy and cunning. The victory for the capoeirista should be beautiful, and the process of the game - fun and exciting. Classes capoeira involves working out specific strikes and elements of acrobatics, and the load is determined by everyone for themselves, given their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to develop their body the way they want.

After only a few training sessions, you can feel your body completely differently. Since its inception Capoeira is accompanied by folk music and songs. Music is performed on ancient and simple instruments, and not just sets the rhythm of the game, but charges players with energy, vigor, strength, and gives the appropriate mood and atmosphere to the game as a whole.

The songs are composed especially for capoeira. There are a lot of them, some are short and simple, some are long and serious, telling the story of capoeira, or reflecting the philosophy of the master who composed them.

To date, there are a large number of capoeira schools in the world. And each has its own characteristics, style,program. On the one hand, such a wide distribution of the traditions of capoeira is, of course, a plus. On the other hand, such branching sometimes loses the essence and the main idea.

Capoeira: hello from Brazil
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