The most popular mistakes in fitness classes

All of us are people, and it's all a mistake for us all. And, we do it constantly. But what, if not mistakes and not their correction brings us a precious experience? Only starting to attend a fitness club or engage in a program, we are not immune from wrong actions and decisions. Here are the most popular of them.

The First Misconception Is that, together with the beginning of the classes, you mustgo on a diet, thinking that in order to lose weight, you need little to eat. But starving you will not achieve any results. Once the body lacks vitamins, minerals and other vital resources, it immediately begins to slow down the metabolism to save its energy. You fall into anguish and apathy, the immune system weakens, exposing you to a risk of picking up some kind of disease. In addition, the food that you still use, trying to "go to the reserve" in the event of a final hunger strike. Therefore, the process turns out to be inverse. There is always a need, namely a healthy and balanced food, more fruits and vegetables.

It is a mistake to think that for training proper breathing - not important. Basically, during the exercises, those engaged in breathing, as they have to do - they hold their breath, then they randomly grab the air. Thus, there is a bad supply of oxygen, not only to the muscles that, because of this, work incorrectly, but also to the brain. As a result, blood pressure rises, the head turns, it makes you sick, and in general there comes a real threat of a heart attack or stroke. To avoid this, exhale when you make an effort. And take a deep breath when you relax. If you are doing yoga, stretching or pilates, where there is a special breathing technique, listen carefully to the coach.

Further, the so-called "Amateur performance". Do not think that you can make yourselfprogram of studies. If you want to achieve visible results, ask for help from the coach. Its task is not only to explain how to do the exercises correctly, but also to choose the type of load that is right for you. Otherwise, injuries can not be avoided.

Ignore warm-up - is also not good. To tune in for training, your body needs to warm up. By improving blood flow, muscles are warmed up, joints, ligaments and tendons are prepared for work. Classical warm-up includes several stretching exercises, as well as a small aerobic complex, for example, steps, jumps or simple dancing ligaments.

Many think that the more training - the better. In class, especially in the gym, youwork with unusual for normal life load. This, in turn, causes microtrauma - muscle fiber ruptures. The organism needs to manage to heal wounds, frequent traumas simply will not have time to overgrow. Make a reasonable schedule and do not forget about the rest - between intensive training takes 1-2 days off. During this time, your muscles will fully recover, and you will accumulate strength for new achievements. If you are a beginner, it is generally better to add the load gradually, and try to break yourself - to nothing.

A characteristic mistake, especially for women, is the choice of beautiful, fashionable clothes for training. First of all, clothes should be comfortable - do not restrain movements, absorb moisture well,be as open as possible, while fitting, so you can follow the work of the body. It is important that the form for fitness was practical, because it has almost daily washing. If you are in the gym, you will need athletic gloves. They are needed not only to protect against calluses, but also for better adhesion to metal, as well as to protect hands from chrome coating fragments, which from time to time exfoliate and can severely scratch your hand.

The most popular mistakes in fitness classes
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