Rice dietFor Asian countries, people who are overweight -very rare phenomenon. Probably, it's not for nothing that the Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese and other Eastern peoples love rice, which is the basis of their diet. Why not? After all, rice itself is a useful and nutritious product.

It is also capable of absorbing and withdrawing frombody salt, slag and many other harmful substances. If you like rice and are ready to eat it for 3-7 days (maximum - 2 weeks), then try a special rice diet, with which you can lose weight and cleanse your body. The diet involves the use of unpeeled rice, vegetables, fruits, between meals you can drink mineral water, green tea or infusions of herbs, and freshly squeezed juices. Alcohol can not be consumed, otherwise the whole action of rice will consist in the withdrawal of alcohol poisons. Try to eat less salt, so the cleansing will be more effective.

The rice diet has several options. For example, here such. 7 days in a row for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you need to eat only a small portion of rice in combination with any fresh vegetables and greens with the condition that the number of vegetables does not exceed the amount of rice. You can have fruit for a snack, and you need to exclude everything else. It is also very important to remove seasoning, mayonnaise, sauces in plastic packaging and salt from the diet, and replace them with useful olive oil and soy sauce.

Also for 7 days the following diet is calculated, which allows you to lose 4-5 kg.

  • The 1 st day. Breakfast: 50 -70 grams of boiled rice, a small apple, green tea. Lunch: light vegetable soup, vegetable salad and boiled rice. Dinner: rice and carrots

  • The 2 nd day. Breakfast: boiled rice, kiwi or pear. Lunch: vegetable soup, rice, vegetables, a piece of fish. Dinner: rice, you can add a little lean sour cream.

  • The third day. Breakfast: rice, you can add raisins, apple. Lunch: vegetable soup, fresh cucumber salad. Dinner: mushrooms fried, salad from fresh cabbage.

  • 4 th day. Breakfast: boiled rice, yogurt. Lunch: vegetable soup, rice, broccoli, 50 g of low-fat meat. Dinner: boiled rice, carrots.

  • The 5th day. Breakfast: boiled rice, kiwi or pear. Lunch: vegetable soup, rice, greens, a piece of fish. Dinner: rice, raisins, fresh cabbage salad.

  • The 6th day. Breakfast: boiled rice with honey, apple, walnuts. Lunch: mushroom soup, rice, vegetable salad, veal. Dinner: rice with 1-2 tsp. sour cream, apple.

  • The 7th day. Breakfast: boiled rice, kiwi or pear. Lunch: vegetable soup, rice, beans, a piece of fish. Supper: salad from vegetables, rice, olives, zucchini.

The menu of the 3-day rice diet consists of only 200 grams of cooked rice per day, besides without adding any spices. If it really will be hard - you can afford a couple apples.

Another simple variant of the rice diet is called"Two dishes." Of course, the first dish is rice. The second is seafood or fish. Thus, a day you can eat only two plates of food - one plate of rice and one fish or seafood. Mix fish and rice is impossible. The duration of such a rice diet is 5 days.

With any of the diet options it is better to usebrown rice, there are a lot of B vitamins in it. During the diet, it is also recommended to take preparations containing potassium, so that the body does not develop a deficiency of this vital element.

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