Lemon dietIt would seem that the lemon really does not look like a remedyfor weight loss. There are, of course, people who can eat it without the "sour" expression on their face, but this is more like an exception. For most, eating lemons - it's something from the realm of fantasy. And in vain!

Many nutritionists and nutrition expertsconsider lemon an excellent way to get rid of excess weight. Lemon contains a large amount of citric acid, which helps to break down fats, speeds up metabolism, eliminates hunger, promotes increased secretion of gastric juice and improves digestion; pectin, regulating the level of sugar in the blood; vitamin C, which helps to strengthen immunity, which is also important in the fight against excess weight. Lemon diet is universal, it gives remarkable results, and you do not have to strictly limit the amount of food and count calories. But try to avoid foods that contain a lot of starch: cereals, potatoes, pasta, and confectionery. Fried foods should be replaced with cooked and baked products: when frying, some of the oil passes into the product and repeatedly increases its caloric content and fat content.

For 14 days of the lemon diet, you can lose 4-5 kg. Its recipe is very simple. Every morning on an empty stomach you need to drink lemon juice diluted with clean water. After using it, rinse your mouth with a soda solution (1 teaspoon of soda per 1 cup of water) to neutralize the acid, which can damage the enamel of the teeth. During the whole day you can eat in the old regime. The amount of lemon juice gradually increases: 1 day - squeeze 1 lemon on 1 glass of water. 2 day - 2 lemons for 2 glasses of water. Day 3 - 3 lemons for 3 glasses of water. Day 4 - 4 lemons for 4 glasses of water. Day 5 - 5 lemons for 5 glasses of water. Day 6 - 6 lemons for 6 glasses of water. On 7 day in a three-liter jar with water squeeze 3 lemons, add a spoonful of honey and drink during the day. After the seventh day, there is a reverse decrease in the number of lemons. Day 8 - 6 lemons for 6 glasses of water. Day 9 - 5 lemons for 5 glasses of water. Day 10 - 4 lemons for 4 glasses of water. Day 11 - 3 lemons for 3 glasses of water. 12 day - 2 lemons for 2 glasses of water. Day 13 - 1 lemon for 1 glass of water. Day 14 - in three-liter jar with water, squeeze 3 lemons, put a spoonful of honey and drink during the day. Or here is a lemon diet (for 3 days you can lose 3 kg of weight). In 1 day you need to drink water with lemon, kefir 0% fat, eat a couple of fruits. Day 2 - oatmeal for a couple of apples, freshly made lemon juice, yogurt 0% fat. Day 3 - baked apples and water with lemon. After the end of the diet for 2 days, cook breakfast for oatmeal with apples and do not eat later than 18.00.

There is a variant of the lemon-honey diet. For 2 days you can get rid of 2 extra pounds. The diet excludes the use of any food, you can drink only a liquid with high acidity: mix 3 liters of unmineralized and still water, freshly squeezed juice from 15 lemons, 50 grams of honey. The energy value of this lemon-honey mixture is practically zero, so you can lose weight quickly. A large percentage of citric acid can reduce the feeling of hunger, and glucose and sucrose, contained in honey in the absence of fats and proteins, provide weight reduction due to body fat reserves. Also lemon-honey diet promotes the resorption of cellulite.

Lemon diet is contraindicated in people with increasedacidity, as well as those who suffer from chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney stone disease. Therefore, before starting a diet, consult your doctor.

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