How to increase self-esteem
On the behavior and actions of people directlytheir level of self-esteem. Most often there are people with low self-esteem, when their real capabilities are much higher than their own self-image. The country of the Soviets will tell how its own significance is formed and how to increase self-esteem.

Psychological dictionary treats: Self-esteem is the value that is attributed tothe individual himself or his individual qualities. A significant role in the formation of self-esteem is the evaluation of the surrounding personality and the individual's own achievements.

Naturally, that the formation of self-esteem occurs in early childhood. The level of awareness of one's own importancechildren depends on how correctly the parents created an atmosphere of love and understanding. If a child is respected and supported in the child's home, giving a point of view and making his own decisions, then, as a rule, a person with a normal self-esteem who adequately copes with difficulties and achieves great success in life grows up in such a family. A lot of meaning in the formation of a person's self-esteem is the attitude of the mother to the child.

Low self-esteem may be due to hereditary factors and social environment (kindergarten, school, colleagues, etc.).

People with low self-esteem differ his uncertainty, anxiety, dependence. As a rule, they have problems in interpersonal relations. They think that others around them think badly and dislike. Such people need approval, they have a weak initiative and perseverance. Stresses knock them out of the rut for a long time. Low self-esteem makes people conformable, they take someone else's point of view, so as not to stand out from the general group.

External signs of people with low self-esteem - this is a sad facial expression, stooped shoulders, stiffness of movements, ingratiating intonations, confusing speech.

It is sad that a person with low self-esteem is notallows himself to realize many life plans due to the fact that he considers himself unworthy and inferior. He receives less recognition, love, and does not accept himself as he is. The question arises: why should others love and respect such a person, if he does not love himself and does not respect himself?

If you realized that your self-esteem is understated, that it prevents you from fully living, this is the first step on the road to success in working on yourself.

Increase self-esteem is quite possible. With the help of certain exercises, day after day, you need to grow in your own eyes, start a completely new and full life, which will bring only joy and pleasure.

How to increase self-esteem: exercise yourself

  • Accept yourself as you are. Do not compare yourself with anyone. There are always people who have something better, more or more beautiful. But do not forget that there are people who are much worse than you. Therefore, you are the golden mean.

  • Do not scold or blame yourself. Avoid self-deprecating comments in your address. Errors happen at all. But if you neglect yourself, you will not be able to raise your level of self-esteem. Praise yourself for any little things.

  • All congratulations and compliments should be taken withgratitude, without belittling one's dignity. For example, if you praised your dress, you do not need to say that it's still grandma's. Just say "thank you" and smile.

  • Remember the film "The most charming andattractive "? How did the main heroine conduct auto training? Do so and you. You can increase self-esteem with the help of notes at home, on which positive statements will be written: "I love myself", "I deserve the best", "I am a charming woman", etc.

  • Read more books and view audio andvideos on the topic "How to increase self-esteem." If possible, visit a psychological training seminar. Let only positive information into your consciousness. Do not look at the criminal chronicles and negative scandalous TV shows.

  • Think about what kind of people surround you. Try to communicate more often with confident people who have an excellent sense of humor, and who can support you. As they say - with whom you are led, that and you will be typed.

  • Increase self-esteem will help list all yourpositive qualities. There should be at least 20 items in the list. Are you kind? Modest? Sincerely? Excellent! You began to concentrate on your own merits. Hang this list in a prominent place and read it more often. Do not focus on your shortcomings. Who told you that you have them?

  • After the list of positive qualities, make upa list of your past achievements. It can be like the smallest victory, and the biggest (pumping the press every morning is also an achievement). There is a certainty that your list will be very long.

  • Try to help others. Neighbors, relatives, just strangers ... Firstly, people will be grateful for your help, and secondly - your self-esteem will increase dramatically. You will feel yourself necessary, important, valuable. Is not that what you wanted?

  • Do your favorite thing. Reconsider your way of life. If you hate your work, spend all your time on it, then what increase in self-esteem can we talk about? Devote your free time to your favorite business, hobby, favorite people. It's easy to increase self-esteem by helping classes that bring joy and satisfaction.

  • Begin yourself to respect. Bring up the character. Have your own opinion and do not live by someone else's scenario. Let the world bend under you, and not vice versa.

  • To increase your self-esteem you need ... to act. Do not postpone your wishes for later. First, set small goals and enjoy them. Sitting in fear and uncertainty, you will lose even more respect for yourself. Do not make your own empty life pass by you.

Remember - you are a unique person, with great potential and potential. The more you can increase self-esteem, the more your abilities will be revealed. Love yourself, respect, and success will certainly come to you.

How to increase self-esteem
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