Japanese diet: lose weight fast for 14 days

Have you decided to take advantage of the Japanese diet? Then do not assume that this way to lose weight involves eating sushi and drinking sake. The diet was named after a private clinic in Japan, where it was developed by a number of progressive specialists. A little time has passed, and this method of losing weight has become famous and popular all over the world. The Japanese diet allows you to lose 8 kilograms in two weeks, not exhausting yourself with starvation and long training.

Japanese diet: menus and principles

The method of losing weight is considered low-carbohydrate, withhigh content of protein products. Gets their body from eggs, fish, chicken and dairy products, which are present in the menu in sufficient quantity. Carbohydrates in the diet are almost prohibited, except for some vegetables and a couple of crackers. The Japanese diet provides for a large amount of water. After all, the liquid helps to overcome the feeling of hunger and promotes the processing of fats. You should drink at least 1.5 liters of pure, still or slightly watered water per day. This way to say goodbye to fatty deposits will be appreciated by lovers of drinking coffee. After all, it should be included in the menu almost every day.

Menu of the Japanese diet

1. Breakfast consists of black coffee without milk and sugar. Lunch - from two boiled eggs and a cabbage salad. You can drink with tomato juice. For dinner, 200 grams of baked or boiled fish are required.

2. On the second day, you can add a small cracker to the coffee. In the afternoon, prepare a salad of seasonal vegetables and fish. In the evening, boil 100 grams of chicken fillet and drink a glass of yogurt.

3. For breakfast, grill zucchini on a grill or a conventional frying pan. During lunch we eat 2 eggs, a little boiled beef and salad.

4. Start a new day with coffee, then eat 1 egg, 3 carrots and 150 grams of hard cheese. We have dinner with fruit.

5. Grate the carrots on a grater and recharge the vitamins in the early morning. During the day, you can prepare a baked fish and drink it with tomato juice. We have dinner with fruit.

6. Breakfast - black coffee. Lunch - chicken fillet. Dinner - 2 eggs and carrots.

7. Drink green or herbal tea. For lunch we eat boiled beef. We repeat the dinner of any day that I liked the most.

After the first half of the diet, you can mentally clap your hands. Then repeat all the days of the diet again. You can replace products that are identical in content of nutrients in some places.

Japanese diet: lose weight fast for 14 days

The Japanese diet prohibits:

  • sugar;

  • salt;

  • alcohol;

  • confectionery products;

  • flour products.

Products of the Japanese diet choose fresh andopportunities natural. Since the method of losing weight is tough enough, you should psychologically tune into it. Smoothly start and smoothly get out of the diet. For a couple of days before losing weight, start to reduce portions, reducing the size of the stomach. After the termination of a diet do not attack the food. Return the banned foods gradually.

Japanese diet: lose weight fast for 14 days

Japanese diet: reviews of those who lose weight

Girls call slimming by the method of Japanesenutritionists quite complex and debilitating. But those ladies who have withstood all 14 days of the diet are satisfied with the excellent results. For two weeks you can lose 5-8 kilograms and cleanse your body. At the same time, save on products and buy yourself new jeans, a size smaller than before. And did any of you use a Japanese diet? Inspire us with your results!

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