Chemical diet - reviews, menus, recipes

This food system is not based on admissionartificial drugs for weight loss, but on the regularities of metabolic processes occurring in the body. It is no coincidence that its second name is a diet on chemical reactions.

To achieve results, you need todrink at least 2.5 liters of water. It is necessary to completely abandon the use of animal fats, extractive broths and sugar. Forbidden are figs, bananas, dates, grapes, mangoes, pork and lamb.

The menu of a diet on chemical reactions, recipes of dishes

Chemical diet - reviews, menus, recipes; the results of a diet based on chemical reactions in the body

Menu for the first week of the chemical diet

Every day you need to start with two hard-boiled eggs and one half of grapefruit or orange. Next menu by day is as follows:

1. Dinner - fruit, except for "forbidden". Dinner is a boiled beef or chicken.

2. Lunch - chicken (pre-skinned); dinner - the same as breakfast, but added vegetable salad (cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, greens, peppers).

3. For lunch - a toast of black bread, tomato and skim cheese. Dinner - lean meat in any form.

4. Dinner - one fruit (quantity any). For dinner - vegetable salad, meat.

5. For lunch - boiled carrots or zucchini, two boiled eggs. Dinner - grapefruit or orange, low-fat fish.

6. At lunch - one type of fruit to choose from, dinner - vegetable salad, chicken or beef.

7. Dinner - orange (grapefruit), boiled vegetables and meat. For dinner, boiled vegetables to choose from.

Menu for the second week of the chemical diet

Breakfast remains the same.

1. For lunch - two eggs, as well as vegetable salad; for dinner - the same number of eggs and orange.

2. Lunch - salad and meat, dinner - orange or grapefruit and a couple of eggs.

3. Lunch - fried chicken meat and fresh cucumbers, dinner is similar to breakfast.

4. For lunch - a pair of eggs, low-fat cheese and any boiled vegetables; dinner - fruit.

5. Fish or boiled shrimp for lunch; two eggs for dinner.

6. Lunch - meat, tomato, orange (grapefruit); fruit salad for dinner.

7. The menu of lunch and dinner is the same: meat, tomato, grapefruit (orange).

Menu for the third week of the chemical diet

For a whole day, only one type of food is allowed in unlimited quantities, but with interruptions of at least two hours.

1 day - fruit, except for prohibited.

Day 2 - vegetables in any form (except potatoes).

Day 3 - vegetables and fruits.

Day 4 - vegetables and boiled fish.

Day 5 - vegetables and lean meat.

Day 6 - fruit.

The 7th day is fruit.

Menu for the fourth week of the chemical diet

Products from this list can be consumed in any order throughout the day.

1 day: orange or grapefruit, 4 tomatoes and cucumber, quarter of a chicken, a can of tuna, canned without oil.

Day 2: 4 cucumbers and tomatoes, 200 grams of boiled vegetables and chicken, orange or grapefruit, a slice of black bread, a pear or an apple.

Day 3: 2 tomatoes and cucumber, rye bread, 200 grams of boiled vegetables, grapefruit or orange, table. spoon of cottage cheese.

Day 4: 3 tomatoes, half a chicken, cucumber, any fruit.

Day 5: two eggs, three tomatoes, grapefruit (orange), leaf lettuce.

Day 6: 2 tomatoes and cucumber, 120 gr. cottage cheese, a glass of curdled milk, two chicken breasts, an orange or grapefruit, a slice of bread.

Day 7: 2 cucumbers and tomato, table. a spoonful of cottage cheese, a slice of bread, orange or grapefruit, a can of tuna without oil, 200 gr. boiled vegetables.

Chemical diet - reviews, menus, recipes; the results of a diet based on chemical reactions in the body

Results of the chemical diet

Adhering to the proposed food system, formonth can be reset from 20 to 28 kilograms. The main reason for this success is the acceleration of the natural metabolic processes, which is stimulated by a certain combination of products. True, this effect can only be achieved if you strictly abide by all the rules and do not deviate from this menu.

If any of these conditions were violated, the diet will have to start from the very beginning.

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