Wine DietWe already know that basically all dietsexclude the use of alcohol. But, as is known, all the rules have exceptions. So do not be surprised to read the name of this method of losing weight. Wine diet helps in 5 days to lose about 5 kg of excess weight. For lovers of good wine, it will come in handy, although it has some limitations in the use of other products. For example, sugar is prohibited in any form (substitutes can be used), salt is also recommended to be excluded (this helps to remove excess liquid from the body), only wine and water (non-mineralized and non-carbonated) can be drunk from drinks. The average daily calorie content of the wine diet is 574 kcal.

All five days of the wine menu diet consists ofidentical products. You will need five large apples, five medium tomatoes, five cucumbers, 1 kg of cottage cheese (low fat or completely fat-free), five hard boiled eggs and one bottle of good dry red wine, perfect for example "Isabella", "Muscat" "Cabernet", "Merlot" and many others. The results of numerous studies indicate the benefits of red wine for the heart and blood vessels due to its ability to break down fats, some studies confirm that the same properties have a white dry wine, so choose to taste.

The diet menu is:

In the morning - an egg, a tomato. In two hours - an apple. After another two hours - 200 grams of cottage cheese, cucumber. After three hours - 150 ml. of wine. Do not salt vegetables, do not add sugar to cottage cheese. Together with the wine, if you really want something to eat, you can afford a very small piece of cheese.

Since the diet is calculated by the hour, it is betterin advance, think about when to have breakfast. If you, for example, have breakfast at 9 am, dinner will be at 16 hours, and for this diet is not the best option. Therefore, have breakfast later, then you can drink wine before leaving work, and not during the meeting. In addition, we will have to forget about eating at lunch time.

Some variants of the wine diet from(200 grams) with an increase in the duration of the diet to 7-8 days - a portion of cheese (150 grams) for lunch, the second part (50 grams) for dinner (in addition to wine), a professional dietician suggests replacing cottage cheese with low-fat cheese in the same amount (200 grams) . This option will lead to greater weight loss than a normal diet, with the same initial weight loss by removing excess fluid. In both variants, you can choose absolutely any dry red (rose) wine.

Wine diets are convenient for carrying out duringholidays with alcoholic beverages. Although in most cases it is during the holidays and there is a set of excess weight, then in this case you will not only get better, but on the contrary lose weight - but you must first prepare yourself morally for a feast. Exclusion of salt for the period of compliance with the diet contributes to a good metabolism, helps the body to free itself of toxins and toxins.

The downside of this diet is its restriction innutritional properties, so that it can not be observed for a long time and often. In addition, not every stomach can endure even three days on alcohol and apples. So it is better to consult with a specialist. If you are under 21, or if you have ever abused alcohol, or if you do not drink alcohol at all - a wine diet is not for you.

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