Diet for weight gainInsufficient weight can be the same problem,as excessive: leanness negatively affects not only the appearance (few will like the bulging ribs), but also the state of health. If you are worried about low weight, you need a special diet for weight gain.

Too low weight can signal health problems, for example, digestive disorders or hormonal imbalances. Therefore, before trying to gain weight, be sure to undergo a medical examination: perhaps you do not need a diet for weight gain, but a special therapy. Once you cure the underlying disease, the missing weight will be typed by itself.

If serious health problems do not exist and you do notneed specific treatment, you can start to gain weight. Many believe that the diet for weight gain is based on the absorption of fast food, sweets and other harmful foods, but it is not. Yes, such a diet is high in calories, but at the same time the diet contains products useful for your health.

Diet for weight gain is based not only on the use of high-calorie foods, but also on a properly formulated diet. In no case can you dramatically increase the usual amount of food you eat and literally "shove" it into yourself: this can lead to the fact that soon you are on foodand you can not look. Therefore, the daily norm of calories needs to be increased gradually, by 200-300 kcal every day. You need to eat plenty, but do not overeat at all. You need not three times a day, but more often - 5-6.

Diet for weight gain is based on increased consumption of proteins, as well as "useful" carbohydrates (macaroni products from wheat of solid varieties,cereals, legumes, vegetables, nuts, etc.) But "harmful" carbohydrates (sweets, pastries, carbonated drinks, etc.) should not be abused. In the diet for weight gain, fats must also be included, but vegetable materials are better than animals, although it is also impossible to completely abandon animal fats.

Still very important to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. They are the source of not only vitamins, but alsocellulose. Fiber stimulates digestion, and this is especially important during weight gain, when the load on your digestive system increases. Thanks to fiber, you will not have problems with the digestive tract, and nutrients from food will be absorbed in full.

What is the approximate diet menu for weight gain? We offer you several options for a daily menu to choose from.

Option 1

Breakfast: muesli with grated apple, honey and nuts; sandwich with butter; sweet coffee with milk or freshly squeezed juice.

Lunch: broth with egg, or a sandwich with butter, sausage and greens, or juice with honey.

Dinner: thick meat soup or fat broth with pasta; fried potatoes or rice with butter; meat; vegetable salad, dressed with sour cream.

Snack: a glass of milk or kefir; biscuit.

Dinner: porridge on milk with fresh fruit or candied fruit; a sandwich; green tea.

Before bedtime: any fruit.

Option 2

Breakfast: stewed potatoes with meat; sandwich with butter; sweet coffee with milk.

Lunch: muesli with dried fruits and milk.

Dinner: pea soup; vegetable salad dressed with sour cream; dessert; tea.

Snack: fruit salad (bananas, kiwi, avocado) with yoghurt.

Dinner: rice with butter; goulash; bread and butter; sweet tea.

Option 3

Breakfast: millet millet porridge; beetroot caviar; a sandwich with cheese and butter; a cup of cocoa.

Lunch: a sausage sandwich; sweet yogurt; fresh juice.

Dinner: borscht; Pasta with cheese; bitches; dried fruits compote.

Snack: vegetable salad with cheese, dressed with olive oil or sour cream.

Dinner: omelette with ham, cheese and tomatoes; warm milk with honey.

Option 4

Breakfast: oatmeal with raisins, nuts and honey; a sandwich with cheese and butter; sweet coffee with milk.

Lunch: pasta; meatballs; sandwich with butter; fresh juice.

Dinner: soup; potatoes with butter and onions; Fried fish; vegetable salad dressed with sour cream; fresh juice.

Snack: a glass of milk; biscuit.

Dinner: buckwheat in milk with candied fruit; a sandwich with butter and sausage; sweet tea.

To a diet for weight gain has brought you only benefit and no harm, before there as to sit down, be sure to consult a doctor. This diet should be combined with strength training. But again, do not overdo it if you have not trained before - get used to the loads gradually. At least for the time of a diet, give up cigarettes and alcohol and sleep well.

Diet for weight gain
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