Pizza with shrimpsDough: 500 g of flour, 1 glass of water, 60 g of butter, 20 g of dry yeast.

Filling: 300 g of shrimp, dill, salt, 3 eggs.

Defrosted shrimps put in salty boiling waterand cook until they come up, and another 3 minutes. Remove them and allow to dry. Cut the shrimp into small pieces and add raw eggs. Mix well.

Put the oil in the flour and shred well.the resulting mixture. Dissolve the yeast with warm water, pour this mixture into the flour and knead the dough. The dough should be smooth, elastic and homogeneous. Then start rolling it out. You should get a thin flat cake or two thin cakes. Lubricate the oil or fat form and put cooked cakes there. Raise its edges slightly.

In the middle of the prepared cake putstuffing from shrimp with eggs. Put the pizza in the oven and bake for about 10-15 minutes. Ready pizza sprinkle with finely chopped herbs and serve to the table. You can pour pizza with ketchup, sauce, vegetable oil or mayonnaise.

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